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In an app we are developing, we have Services, Mappers and Entities. We are not using an ORM. In the app, we have Group, GroupMember & Member entities. The GroupMember entity has the groupId, memberId & memberAccess properties. The memberAccess fields tells us the access level of the Member within the Group. Now we need to fetch

  1. all the Groups where a member has specific level of access. (by providing a memberId)
  2. all the Groups where a member is a member along with his access. (by providing a memberId)
  3. all the Members within a group with their access. (by providing a groupId)

any ideas which service(s) should be used for each of the following. and how they will interact to fetch the specific data.

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1) MembershipMapper: implement your queries here returning arrays of entities (have a look at ZfcBase\Mapper\AbstractDbMapper as base class)

function getGroupsForMember($member, $access = null)
function getMembersForGroup($group, $access = null)

2) MembershipServive: in Module.php under getServiceConfig you add this service to the service manager. Use a closure to create a new MembershipService and inject a MembershipMapper into it. The groups/members functions will probably just be proxies to the mapper.

function setMembershipMapper($membershipMapper)
function getMembershipMapper()
function getGroupsForMember($member, $access = null)
function getMembersForGroup($group, $access = null)

3) Controller: inject your MembershipService into your controller (you can do this in the same way you create your services with a closure). Then call the methods on the service.

Example for creating a service/mapper/controller in the service/controller manager (goes in Module.php)

public function getServiceConfig() 
    return array(
        'factories' => array(
            'MembershipService' => function (Zend\ServiceManager\ServiceManager $sm) {
                $service = new YourNS\Service\Membership();
                return $service;
            'MembershipMapper' => function ($sm) {
                $mapper = new \YourNS\Mapper\Membership();
                return $mapper;

public function getControllerConfig() 
    return array(
        'factories' => array(
            'YourNS\Controller\Something' => function (Zend\Mvc\Controller\ControllerManager $cm) {
                $controller = new YourNS\Controller\Something();
                return $controller;
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thanks. still confused. If I need to get all the groups a member belongs to, access + the group creator, I'll use the getGroupsForMember, it will return an array of Membership objects(groupId,userId,access). Now how to display the name of Group and the group creator. The Group has the creatorId property. So I think I will need to loop through each membership, get the groupId, create a Group object, get the creatorId from Group and again visit the persistent to create the User object of the creator. So I will endup with 2*NoOfGroups DB trips. –  Bryan Oct 22 '13 at 13:22

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