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I am studying Apache Camel .

Could some one please explain the difference between a processor , component and endpoint w.r.t Apache Camel .


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All whom are new to Apache Camel I suggest to read this article which explains really well what Camel is, and has an example to go along.

Another great piece is chatper 1 of the Camel in Action book, which can be freely downloaded from here:

Disclaimer: I am co-author of that book.

And there is this old by good tutorial that still applies today:

And you can find more tutorials / examples on the Camel website

And there is also some links to 3rd party blogs/articles/videos about Camel, where you can find some great information:

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This is helpful, but I'd still hope for a brief explanation of processor/component/endpoint... – Jan Żankowski Aug 19 '15 at 10:46

A component allows you to talk with other systems. It allows you to send or receive messages and encapsulates the protocol to deal with another system. For e.g. jms-component allows to talk with JMS brokers.

An endpoint is nothing but the channel by which you send or receive a message through component e.g. "jms:queue:order" this defines a jms endpoint which is a queue from where your (jms) component will either consume or publish a message.

While a processor is piece of code which goes in between routes. There you write code to manipulate (transform/enrich/extract etc.) the message or have some integration logic.

For more details refer to camel's documentation

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