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I subscribe to a newsletter from that I like because each day I get an email digest with some interesting headlines & summaries of SQL Server articles that are already out there on the web. It's a great way to learn something new a bit at a time.

Is there something like this for C#?

(If your favorite one is already listed, can you vote for it so I can see what's most popular? Thanks!)

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In addition to codeproject, I believe there are other sites like C# Corner, C# help which does the same..

Couple more I found useful (Not specific to C#):


Dr. Dobb's

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Have you ever considered subscribing to blogs? You can often get better content than the daily subscription emails and if you want can even become a part of the discussion through the comments. Two that are generally good for learning more about the trade and C# are and Los Techies. If you are looking for something that is more of an aggregate of other sources Scott Gu routinely puts out a list of links that can be very informative in addition to helpful walk through articles.

Good luck,

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check out they have a lot of articles and various newsletters.

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You should try which delivers nice rss feed of the most relevant .net blogs (imho). If you want the RSS-Feed emailed to you try feedblitz or xfruits

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