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I have an object like

{ a: 2.078467321618,
  b :13521.4,
  c : 4503.9,

(In debug mode)

I want to loop through the object and separate key and value; How can I achieve this?

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Serious question: Did you try Google? You can copy/paste your title and get more than enough references... – Matthew Blancarte Oct 22 '13 at 5:45
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One more way to do it is to make it via foreach:

for (var key in obj) {
    if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
        // do something with the key and obj[key], which is val

Note: here we check if the key belongs to our object, but not to its prototype via hasOwnProperty method.

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Object.keys(obj).forEach(function(key) {
    var val = obj[key];
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This implies that keys and forEach are implemented which will work in most modern browsers. But for IE you will need IE9 or higher. See for more information on ECMA5 compatibility. – Chris Oct 22 '13 at 5:41
Try the following:

for(var key in object){
    var value = object[key];
    //now you have access to "key" and "value"
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try something like this

for(var key in object){
    alert(key);// will give key
    alert(object[key]);// will give value
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It's actually pretty simple:

for (var key in object) {
   // do something with object[key]
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Try this

var sum = 0;
var obj = {prop1: 5, prop2: 10, prop3: 15};

for each (var item in obj)
 sum += item;

Result is sum = 5+10+15

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Try the following code:

var keys=Array();
var values = Array();

for (var key in obj) {
//has own property is checked to bypass inherited properties like prototype    
if (obj.hasOwnProperty(key)) {


//following are the keys and values separated,do whatever you want to do with them

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using jquery:

var obj = { a: 2.078467321618, b :13521.4, c : 4503.9 };
var keyArr = [];
var valArr = [];

//iterate obj
$.each(obj, function(k, v) {
    //add items to the keyArr from obj's keys.
    //add items to the varArr from obj's keys.

//show the result

see the demo:

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