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Iam trying to use drag and drop. In an anchor tag I write my onsdragstart event as written down

<a href="xyz.action" ondragstart="event.dataTransfer.setData('text/uri-list', 'abc.action?id=2')">drag</a>  

Im trying to drop the item in a div

<div id="ccc" ondragover="event.preventDefault()" ondrop="doDrop1(event)"></div> 

My javascript is as below:

 function doDrop1(event)

          var links = event.dataTransfer.getData("text/uri-list").split("\n");

In chrome the alert is 'http://localhost:8084/test/xyz.action' In firefox i'm getting correct alert as 'abc.action?id=2'

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In 'event.dataTransfer.setData()' use the data format as 'text' instead of 'text/uri-list'

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