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I am currently working on month conversion in spinner. Here I am trying to retrieve the currentmonth("10") from system and passing the value of month to enum to get corresponding enum name("Oct").

I have spinner array string starting from Jan to Dec. when i try to get Position of Enum Name "Oct" in spinner, it returns blank. However when i tried hardcoding "Oct" in getPosition, it worked. I am not able to find out why getEnumByString returns blank. Can anyone help me.

String tempMonth=String.valueOf(monthCurrent);


 public enum MonthConversion {

 Jan("1"), Feb("2"), Mar("3"), Apr("4"),May("5"),Jun("6"),Jul("7"),Aug("8"),Sep("9"),Oct("10"),Nov("11"),Dec("12");

private String mValue;

private MonthConversion(String s) {
        mValue = s;

    public String getStatusCode() {
        return mValue;
    public static String getEnumByString(String code){
          for(MonthConversion e : MonthConversion.values()){
            if(code == e.mValue)                    
          return null;
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Post your MonthConversion. – Jitender Dev Oct 22 '13 at 6:23

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Try using

if (e.mValue.equals(code)) . . .

instead of == to compare string values. The == operator tests whether two objects are actually the same object, not whether they have the same logical value. equals() tests whether the two strings have the same values: the same characters in the same order.

You might also consider simply indexing into the values() array:

int index = Integer.parseInt(code) - 1;
return MonthConversion.values()[index];

(with appropriate error checking added, of course).

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Good Catch :).. thank u very much.. I made mistake using of == instead of equals. I changed back to equals. its working fine. – cruise Oct 22 '13 at 6:39
I also tried with indexing. it worked fine. I just typecast MonthConversion.values()[index] to string and returned – cruise Oct 22 '13 at 7:15

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