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My Xaml code is in assembly Foo, in namespace Foo. In assembly FooBar, in namespace Foo.Bar, I have a class called MyClass which contains a parameterless constructor. In my xaml, I want to create a new instance of MyClass and assign it to Tag. How can I do this?

I have tried the following:

<Application x:Class="Foo.App"
    <foobar:MyClass x:Key="MyClass"/>

but already at this point I get the squiggly underline that says "The type MyClass does not exist in the namespace "clr-namespace:Foo.Bar;assembly=FooBar", even though it does.

How do I resolve this? And after I resolve this, How do I write the following?

<XamlElement Tag="{??????}"/>
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The designer may not be aware of a new class if it wasn't compiled first. Try compiling and running.

Also, if the class is in the same assembly where the XAML is, assembly= is not required:


To access a resource, use:

<XamlElement Tag="{StaticResource MyClass}" />

Where MyClass is the value of the x:Key attribute.

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It turns out it was because I was compiling with the CPU set to x64. For some reason the designer doesn't seem to like this, although I can't figure out why. If I change to AnyCPU everything works.

I've noticed other problems with x64 configurations as well, such as Unit Tests not working, etc so I guess the environment's support for x64 configurations just isn't up to snuff.

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