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I have a code which contains this statement:

#  if defined (HEAT_FLUX) || (ICE)
#  endif

i want to know the meaning of || in fortran.

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I don't know fortran, but as far as the operators go, it is OR – Mr. Alien Oct 22 '13 at 7:22

This "||" has nothing to do with Fortran. It is a conditional expression for the preprocessor, and as @Mr.Alien mentioned means OR.

So in plain language your preprocessor directive means:

call DATA_RUN_HFX if HEAT_FLUX is defined or ICE is true.

See the documentation for details.

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This isn't Fortran, in fact -- it is preprocessor statement, so it is executed at compile time to only compile the call to DATA_RUN_HTX if HEAT_FLUX is defined or ICE is true. For another question on this point (in C) see #if defined (x) || (y) ; is this valid?.

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