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Dear all,
I have a problem with web service against Internet Explorer 7 or 8
I have a web application (ASP.Net), contain a page with textbox extends an autocompleteextender which fire a web service to retrieve the category list from SQL DB.
The problem come after upgrading my IE from version 6 to 7 it give me an "access denied" error.
Before that it is work normal with ie 6
I tried the application in some other PCs
if the IE version is 6, it work normally
if not (IE7 or IE8), it does not work
please I need ur help urgent
thanks in advance

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Try to add the address of this service to the trusted zone in IE7 or IE8

Have you seen this posts : post1 post2

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thank you "B-Rain" for answering to my question but unfortunately, I have already added it can you help me to workaround this problem which come after upgrading to IE7 –  RMohammed Dec 23 '09 at 8:53
thank you "B-Rain" I have solved the problem –  RMohammed Dec 24 '09 at 15:27

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