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I am beginner in work on xampp and I setup my localhost. I install Lampp on linux ubuntu 12.04 and copy the folder of my site in /opt/lampp/htdocs. this folder is exist on webserver and it Xampp, PHPmyadmin, MySQL work truly on my pc and I can see my tables and database in phpmyadmin, every thing on my local host is true except when I want to load index.php of website I see below database error :

A database error occurred while performing the requested procedure. Please review the database error below for more information.
/opt/lampp/htdocs/product/domains/ [368]:
There was an SQL error: No database selected - SELECT `id`, `route` FROM `arag_static_pages` WHERE `appname` = 'arag'

I search this subject on google and read more things but I cant solve this problem yet. anyone can solve it?

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You might need to post a bit more of your code here – Sajuna Fernando Oct 22 '13 at 7:36
What is the code? – Mark Winterbottom Oct 22 '13 at 7:37
What is the code for the part of your app that connects to the database? – Mark Winterbottom Oct 22 '13 at 7:39
Hi Sajuna I just copy all of files and folder that exist on my webserver in my localserver. I test my localhost by this code: <html> <head> <title>First PHP Page</title> </head> <body> <?php echo '<h1>Hello, world!</h1>'; mysql_connect('localhost','root','mypassword') or die ("Connect error"); $res = mysql_query("SHOW DATABASES"); while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($res)) { echo $row[0], '<br/>'; } ?> </body> </html> and I can see tables in my database in local phpmyadmin. but what code is essential for you? – user2905982 Oct 22 '13 at 7:41

specify which database you are querying. YOu can either do that in the connection, or in the query, in the following manner:

SELECT database.table.`id`, database.table.`route` FROM database.`arag_static_pages` WHERE database.table.`appname` = 'arag'

would actually be sufficient to mention which database the table is coming from, so prefixing the table with the db name in the from

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