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I have a class User in which i want to do conditional validation like such:

if $organization.first_name_last_name
   validates :name_first, presence: true,
                  length:     { maximum: 50 },
                  :if => :local_authentication?
   validates :name_last, presence: true,
                  length:     { maximum: 50 },
                  :if => :local_authentication?

However this global organisation variable is an object containing specific settings for a subdomain and is initialized in the before_filter of the application controller.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
   before_filter :load_organization
   def load_organization
      $organization = Organization.find_by_subdomain(request.subdomain).settings

My question is how to make the load_organization run before the User class is loaded so that the organization variable is correctly set.

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There is no way, this can work, because the User class is not reloaded between requests, at least not in production.

You are already using the :if parameter for the validation. You can use this for the settings, as well:

validates :names_first, presence: true,
                        if: -> {
                          $organization.first_name_last_name &&

BTW: Using a global variable is generally a sign for bad software design. Doesn't the user you are trying to create/update which organization it belongs to and you can access the settings via the relation getter?

P.S.: You are mixing hash syntaxes, as well. You should either use :foo => :bar or foo: :bar, but not both at the same time. Actually I'm surprised this works at all ;)

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Thanks for the answer! This solved it. I am using the apartment gem (github.com/influitive/apartment) which allows each request to be processed by a different database dependent on the subdomain. In a first attempt to enable multi tenancy i've created a seperate organization object for each instance to hold the configuration parameters (dependant on the needs of the client). This is merely a temporary solution –  rtemperv Oct 22 '13 at 9:28

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