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While trying to connect to Azure AD with cmdlets Connect-MsolService it prompts for credentials but I am a bit confuse which credentials I have to provide than through cmdlets Get-Credentials I have got the credentials but that also didn't work.

However my aim is to connect to Azure AD through powershell & also activate/deactivate or start/stop Azure AD through powershell...Please put some light on this or provide some help...

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When you use the PowerShell and Connect-MsolService you have to provide the target directory admin account - an account with full administrative permissions on the Directory tenant. And currently you cannot just provide credentials, you have to use that window that prompts for credentials.

However I don't really understand what you mean by start/stop Azure AD. Azure AD is a cloud service that runs constantly. You cannot start or stop it. You have it. You may disable user accounts in it, but you certainly cannot stop the service. If you better describe your question it will be easier to help you!

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,I have a question. When i use my live Id( the one i use at manage.windowsazure.com)..the error is thrown which says "user name or password is incorrect" please can you help what i am doing wrong.? –  Prerak K Nov 20 '13 at 13:58
i ended up creating another admin user so that it matched format user@mydomain.onmicrosoft.com, earlier i was using my windows live user name, which was also a WAAD admin user. –  Prerak K Nov 20 '13 at 14:52
You have to use an account that is created inside Azure AD (As Pointed out here: stackoverflow.com/questions/29485364/…). Microsoft Account is currently not supported. –  qbik Apr 20 at 6:44

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