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I have template in django that contains html to download an image like below

Just a sample html code

def download(request):
    code = Code.objects.get(id=2)
    code_url = code.url 


    <div class="span12">
         <input name="" type="button" class="btn btn-large" onclick="window.location.href='{{code_url}}'" value="Download Code Image">
         <input name="" type="button" class="btn btn-large " value="Print Code">   

So the result of the code_url which i got is something like


and when i hit this in browser i can able to see the image, but what all i want is to download it when a user clicks on Download Code Image

So how to download an image from the file system when we click on the above button in djagno ?

Also how to print the image/ Enable the printing functionality in django ?
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To force downloads of images instead of showing them, you will have to send the corresponding header for the relevant file-types. You may do this in a view (not recommend, webserver should handle static files), our in your webserver configuration. –  Jingo Oct 22 '13 at 9:22

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