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My program is just a simple System.out.println(""); But netbeans cannot find the main method. Is netbeans 6.7.1 conflict with WIN7? Any possible error?

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My netbeans even cannot recognize "main"... As it does not become bold and italic.... – user236691 Dec 23 '09 at 8:49
If your program is so simple, show us the code. – PeterMmm Dec 23 '09 at 9:04

This happens when you move your main class location manually because Netbeans doesn't refresh one of its property files. Open nbproject/ and change the value of main.class to the correct package location.

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You can also do this with the GUI, right click the project -> Properties. Select Run from the list and choose the class for "Main Class" – nycynik Jun 13 '12 at 20:23

Sometimes passing parameters in the main method causes this problem eg. public static void main(String[] args,int a). If you declare the variable outside the main method, it might help :)

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It was most likely that you capitalized 'm' in 'main' to 'Main'

This happened to me this instant but I fixed it thanks to the various source code examples given by all those that responded. Thank you.

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Exceute the program by pressing SHIFT+F6, instead of clicking the RUN button on the window. This might be silly, bt the error main class not found is not occurring, the project is executing well...

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This is not always the case. I am in situation now, where I tranferred my Java-Project from Netbeans 7.2.1 to 7.4. Before that it recognized every valid main-method in any class. So I was able to Shift+F6 to start every currently selected class. The newer version of Netbeans simply does not recognize this totally valid and functional main-method anymore, though the actual project with its main-entry points still works. It appears to me, that Netbeans only allows for 1 main-method in any Java-project, again. – Florian R. Klein Jan 12 '14 at 13:31

Make sure it is

public static void main(String[] argv)

No other signature will do.

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Sure it is..I have run it once.. It is Ok but when I try again, the error occured... – user236691 Dec 23 '09 at 8:39
What error, can you paste the error into your post ? – PeterMmm Dec 23 '09 at 9:05

in Project window right click on your project and select properties go to Run and set Main Class ( you can brows it) . this manual work if you have static main in some class :

public class Someclass

     * @param args the command line arguments
    public static void main(String[] args)
        //your code

Netbeans doesn't have any conflict with W7 and you can use version 6.8 .

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pls see above comments – user236691 Dec 23 '09 at 8:45

I had this issue as well (Error: Could not find or load main class test.Test). I'll explain this relatively basically since I know I would have appreciated someone doing that when I was looking for my answer.

When I right-clicked on the project (left hand side of the screen unless you got rid of the projects tab) and went to properties and then run, the main class had the projectname.classname, which is what confused me. For example, I created a project "test" to test this out, and when I went to

(right-click) test or Source Packages -> properties -> run -> main class

had Test.test in that field, which is what the problem was. the class is test, not Test.test, so I clicked browse to its right, and the only thing in the list to select from was test, and when I selected that and tried rerunning it, it finally worked.

Additionally, I found that when you create a new project in Netbeans, one of the things it originally gives you (in my case of the project named test) is package test;. If you are having this problem, then like me, you probably originally got rid of that line seeing it as just another line of code you didn't need. That line of code is what enabled your main class which in my case was Test.test to find the main class *test from that.

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My situation was different I believe because non of the above solutions di work for me. Let me share my situation.

  1. I am importing an existing project (NewProject->Java->Import Existing Projects)
  2. I name the project to xyz. The 'main' function exists in Main.class.
  3. I try to run the code I modified in the main function but the error pops out. I tried the shift_f6, specifically rebuild. Nothing works.

    Solution: I took the project properties and saw the 'Source Package Folder' mappings in the Sources branch was blank. I mapped it and voila it worked.

Now anyone might think that was very silly of me. Although I am new to Java and Netbeans this is not the first time I am importing sample projects and I saw all of them had the properties similar. The only difference I saw was that the main class was not having the name as the project which I believe is a java convention. I am using JDK7u51 (latest till date), is it causing the issue? I have no idea. But I am happy the project is running fine now.

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  1. Check for correct method declaration

public static void main(String [ ] args)

  1. Check netbeans project properties in Run > main Class
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I have checked all that I can check.. I wont make such a simple mistake..I doubt that Netbeans is conflict with Win7... – user236691 Dec 23 '09 at 8:44

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