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I have 3 Activities A1,A2,A3

A1 call A2 (A1 goes to stack)

A2 call A3 (A2 also goes to stack)

And A3 call A1 (A1 should call from stack not new instance...)

I don't want to Create new instance of A1 just i want to call it from stack

I want to send some Extra String to A1, the problem is here, when i send some String by using putExtra() to A1, A1 can not seen it!

I put getIntent() in onResume() for A1 but it s not working...

Code in A3

Intent in = new Intent(A3.this,A1.class);
in.putExtra("ACTIVITY", "A3");

Code in A1

protected void onResume() {
  Log.e("LOG", getIntent().getExtras().getString("ACTIVITY"));
     new LoadAllMyOrders().execute();
     new LoadAllMyshops().execute();    
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you can use an Application Level Static Variable and set its value from wherever you want , then you can access it from your activity !!

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If I have not misunderstood, you can accomplish this behaviour with the pair startActivityForResult and onActivityResult. Also, string comparison in Java is perfomerd through the equals method. == compares String references

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You should compare strings with equals(), e.g.


With == you're just comparing object references, which also might be the reason that this expression evaluates to false.

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You can set the Launch Mode of A1 to "singleTask", and you should get the intent from the method " void onNewIntent(...)" of the Activity.

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You can use shared preferences for that variable or you can make a gettersetter class and use its object to access it anywhere.

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