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I am trying to have a view with a frame on the cell in a UICollectionView from the second a user taps.

The function I want it to have is:

  • Appear when touches begins in a cell, touchesBegan?
  • If the touch is a single tap, tell me so I can handle
  • If the touch is a long press, tell me so I can handle
  • If user moves finger while down, move frame.

Right now, i'm adding the frame as an image in a UIImageView in a UICollectionViewCell on a gesture recogniser i've added for longpress. Single tap is detected with standard UICollectionView delegate methods.

Any ideas on how I could accomplish this? I don't know about any methods for cancling touchesBegan/Ended on single tap etc...

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mods, i solved this, it was me doing stupid stuff, please remove. –  Oscar Apeland Oct 22 '13 at 12:26

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Maybe this will help UIResponder touchesBegan:withEvent:, touchesMoved:withEvent:, touchesEnded:withEvent:

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