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Sorry by the ask, but I would like to know how works adding tags on github profile. Can I adding tags of subjects that I have interesting on my github profile, or I need of a plan different of Free Plan? Or what I seems most logical to me: is only possible adding tags across deploying of projects.

Who could indicate a website that covers how to use the features of github intended for beginners, please do it. I antecipate my thanks.

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Github profiles have no tags. Language tags are selected based on the language of your existing contributions. You can, however, create a tag in Git, within a certain project.

A tag is basically a reference to a single commit and its contextual history behind it. Use git tag -a name -m 'message' and when you run git tag it'll show up i the list.

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Thank very much, @hexafraction. –  Leandro Arruda Oct 22 '13 at 15:08

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