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I created one table that contains UNIQUE 'mobile_no' like..


Then, I am going to check the mobile number if it is valid or not, and if it's valid then I want to set it into proper format like 919727048248.

For that I called update query like..

update bccontacts 
set mobile_no='919727048248' 
where mobile_no=09727048248

So, first time it run successfully then second time it reply that..

ERROR 1062 (23000):Duplicate entry '919727048248' for key 'mobile_no'

Because there are unique key already set for the 'mobile_no'..

So, is there any other query which IGNORE DUPLICATE KEY ON UPDATE?

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Possible duplicate 4596390 – dbf Oct 22 '13 at 11:34


update IGNORE bccontacts 
set mobile_no='919727048248' 
where mobile_no=09727048248

More info here:

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if u have declared mobile number as primary key in your table than u cant have two same mobile number in your table.thought the following link can be helpful to u ;

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Mobile number declared as UNIQUE_KEY, that i already mentioned in my the way i got another solution see next answer.. – Vivek Buddhadev Nov 12 '13 at 8:37

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