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We recorded video via red5 server but no sound added ( because there was no sound environment ) . So there is no sound track in output flv file. and there is encoding error when we do encoding that flv ( no sound track ) into other video format via ffmpeg .

error message is Could not find codec parameters (Audio: 0x0000, 0 channels, s16)

Pls advice us how to solve the problem .

  1. is there any way ffmpeg can encoding no sound track video flv ?
  2. is there any way that red5 server can add sound track even there is actually no sound recorded ?

Thanks !

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We could better assist you if you had your FFmpeg command line in your question. Regardless, to answer your second question:

Is there any way ffmpeg can encoding no sound track video flv?

Yes, with the -an switch!

This can be found in the FFmpeg documentation. Your new command line will look something like this:

./ffmpeg -i myred5recording.flv -an myoutput.mp4

It is also possible to 'mux in' audio with FFmpeg, but that is non-trivial relative to just using the -an switch. If you want to pursue this angle, the have a look at some other Stack Overflow questions, such as How can I add audio (mp3) to a flv (just video) with ffmpeg?

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