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string.Format("{Find Name='{0}'}", name)

it throws Exception at runtime saying input string was in wrong format. What is wrong in this string?

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You need to escape the '{ characters in String.Format:

string.Format( "{{Find Name='{0}'}}", name )

See the following for more details:


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Curly braces have a special meaning in formatting strings, and thus need to be escaped. Simply double the literal braces from { to {{ and } to }}:

string.Format("{{Find Name='{0}'}}", name)
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try string.Format("Find Name='{0}'", name)

or try string.Format("{{Find Name='{0}'}}", name)

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it should be "{{ Find Name = {0} }}"

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I think it should be:

string.Format("Find Name='{0}'", name);
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