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I have created 3 dashboards, each having 4 analysis in them in OBIEE.

My goal is to drill through an action link from Analysis A to Analysis B and then Analysis C. In the first Analysis I have a Prices of total items sold by quarter for a country,second analysis has prices of total item sold by quarter by product, third analysis has price of items sold by quarter by sales person.

I have created action links in each of these analysis and drill through from A-B is happening perfectly, which means analysis B shows me the break up price sold by quarter by product for a country I clicked on A.

The problem I have is when I navigate from B to C, I don't get a further break up of price by quarter, by country, by sales person. Analysis C should get the values passed from B, however it gives me a break up based on the value in analysis A. The passing of variables doesn't follow the flow.

I would be helpful if someone can explain me what I am doing wrong. I can say that It works perfectly from A to B or B to C, but not A - B - C.

Please help!!!...I am also new to OBIEE dashboards.

Regards, Dasso

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In the third report, that is C, all the report columns should be prompted. All the report columns from A and B, both (and not only B). Vijay –  Vijayaraghavan Oct 26 '13 at 7:13

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