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After a succesfull installation of node I get the following;

$ npm
nodenv: couldn't find any version specified for use
$ node
nodenv: couldn't find any version specified for use

Would anybody know where this is coming from? The web suggests that there might be something wrong with my boxen setup (which is something I installed months ago but never really used). I cannot access boxen from the command line either it seems;

$ boxen
-bash: boxen: command not found

So changing a versions specification in boxen seems undo-able.

Do I need to fully uninstall boxen? Is there something I should have done but didn't?

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turns out I couldn't find the command that allows you to set the version;

you can see all the different versions through the nodenv command;

$ nodenv versions

you can then set the version by doing;

$ nodenv local v0.10
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If nodenv versions prints nothing, try running nodenv local v0.10 anyway and it may still work –  J L Mar 23 at 20:05

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