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How can I get time in android that changes automatically when phone's time change I use this code but it doesn't update (I use that in a widget)

Time today = new Time(Time.getCurrentTimezone());
int hour = today.hour;
String hh = Integer.toString(hour);

int minute = today.minute;
String mm = ":" + Integer.toString(minute);

and here is my widget codes

android widget doesn't update

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I think you will have to roll your own solution to this –  ligi Oct 22 '13 at 13:31

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use Calendar.getInstance to get the current date and time from the system.

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To update time every second

final  Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();

TimerTask task = new TimerTask() {
public void run() {
     int hh = c.get(Calendar.HOUR);
     int minute = c.get(Calendar.MINUTE);
     String mm = hh+":"+mm; // updated time 
Timer timer = new Timer("mytimer");    
timer.schedule(task ,1000, 1000); // 
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