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I'm maintaining an Ada library which is normally built on Unix-like systems. The makefile contains lines like

lib-stamp: <library sources>
        <rules to build library>
        touch $@

which of course isn't going to work on Windows systems without something like Cygwin or Unixutils.

I think users can be persuaded to download GNU Make (they will already have downloaded the compiler), but I'd much rather not make them install Cygwin as well. I came up with this, which relies on the fact that GNU Make --touch implements touch internally:

ifeq ($(OS),Windows_NT)
  TOUCH = $(MAKE) --touch
  TOUCH = touch

lib-stamp: <library sources>
        <rules to build library>
        $(TOUCH) $@

Does this seem reasonable? What downsides are there? Is there a better way?

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