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All my Dustjs templates are kept precompiled in a database. To render the template I have this function

tmplfn(options, function (err, html) {
    res.write(html);  //res is the response object

But this fails when the templates have got partials in it because it is not able to locate the partial. How can I resolve this issue? Is there any mechanism to register my partial with the dustengine?

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Relevant to crimson.js, consider revising. –  Stephen D Oct 22 '13 at 14:15

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I'm not familiar with dust.js myself, but according to the docs:

dust.onLoad(name, callback(err, out))

By default Dust returns a "template not found" error when a named template cannot be located in the cache. Override onLoad to specify a fallback loading mechanism (e.g., to load templates from the filesystem or a database).

This seems to me like a good starting point.

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