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When I uninstall my application using make uninstall it leaves over some empty directories such as /usr/share/foo/ and its subdirectories such as /usr/share/foo/applications, etc.

I found via Google, that automake's generated uninstall target does not automatically delete empty directories because it does not know if the the application owns the directorie (e.g. it created it during make install), or borrowed it (e.g. the directory existed during make install).

Currently non of my make files has a definitive uninstall target, make implicitly seems to know which files it has to remove. How can I teach it to also remove the folders in question?

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Here is the solution, I just had to register an uninstall-hook target like this, and then perform the necessary tasks, for removing the directories. In this example ${pkgdatadir} would expand to /usr/share/foo. The if-then is necesseary as otherwise the make distcheck target would fail.

    if test -d ${pkgdatadir}/applications; then rmdir ${pkgdatadir}/applications; fi
    if test -d ${pkgdatadir}; then rmdir ${pkgdatadir}; fi

The uninstall-hook rule will be called after the uninstall target has run.

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