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I want to detect if "-s" is set in the Makefile command line. Is there a variable that captures make options that I can test?

For example, I want to do something like:


if ($(MAKE_OPTIONS), -s)
    #do something


make $(MAKEFILE_OPTIONS) -C some_dir
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Unfortunately it's tricky to find a really portable (across different releases of GNU make) way to do this. Mark's solution gives false positives, if you have set any flag with an "s" in the name (e.g., --warn-undefined-variables).

In GNU make 4.0 and above, the layout of MAKEFLAGS is well-defined and you can use this:

$(findstring s,$(firstword -$(MAKEFLAGS))

to robustly and reliably tell if -s was given. However this won't work reliably in versions of GNU make prior to 4.0. You can use this:

$(findstring s,$(firstword -$(MAKEFLAGS)))$(filter -s,$(MAKEFLAGS))

This expands to the empty string if -s was not given, or a non-empty string if it was. I believe that will work in all versions of GNU make.

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Oh God, I forgot that you can have those long options. Thank you Sir, may I have another! – Mark Galeck Oct 23 '13 at 1:48
And I did not notice 4.0 is released. What planet have I been on? Thank you Paul! – Mark Galeck Oct 23 '13 at 1:52

The variable you're looking for is MAKEFLAGS.

ifeq ($(filter s, $(MAKEFLAGS)),s)
# do something
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No, filter is not the one. Use findstring:

ifneq ($(findstring s, $(MAKEFLAGS)),)




$(if $(findstring s, $(MAKEFLAGS)),...)
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