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I am trying to execute data driven testing using selenium IDE.

I downloaded all the three extensions that are told step by step and uploaded to selenium IDE core extentions in the same order as guided (C:\Selenium\extentions\goto_sel_ide.js, C:\Selenium\extentions\user-extensions.js.includeCommand4IDE, C:\Selenium\extentions\datadriven.js)

I restarted the IDE to make sure that it accepts the extention files. It was done successfully.

My first command in the IDE is loadTestData | file:///C:/Selenium Test Cases/members.xml

When I am executing the test case I am getting error which is as follows:

[info] Executing: |loadTestData | file:///C:/Selenium Test Cases/members.xml | | [error] Method is not present on Selenium interface: loadTestData

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I gather that in the past year or two, there have been significant changes to the ways in which Selenium plugins are loaded. Are you trying to follow a tutorial that's out of date? Other than that, it seems like quite a few people forget to call addPlugin() with their plugin ID. –  rutter Oct 23 '13 at 2:30
that might be the case , i am new at selenium and i try to look up to tutorials that are available for free online. Any good tutorial to understand selenium ide and webdriver that have been updated you know of? Any insight is appreciated, thanks! –  Karan Shah Aug 18 '14 at 15:47

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