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This is my second question of the day, pardon me.

I am writing a wrapper library to communicate with a scanner device. The source code was in C++ MFC. I am converting it to a plain Dll which will be invoked from C#. So, I am using DllImport in C# to call the wrapper library.

Now I am provided with MFC code and the library is a ActiveX Object, at least I think so.

class CDpocx : public CWnd

So in my wrapper library I will have an instance of CDpocx and will call it via C# P/Invoke. But the problem is CDpocx also throws some events which I need to catch. In traditional app, I would just attach an function with it. But How would I attach the events on non MFC class.

I have seen something like:

    ON_EVENT(CVC60Dlg, IDC_DPOCXCTRL1, 1 , OnReadyDpocxctrl1, VTS_NONE)

OnReadyDpocxctrl1 is the function that handles 1 (Ready) event.

How can I gain simmilar function in non MFC class.

Regards, Maksud

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I'm not sure if this is what you want, but if you want to call an ActiveX component from C#, you should use Windows Forms ActiveX Control Importer (Aximp.exe) which will convert the type definitions in a COM type library for an ActiveX control into a Windows Forms control.

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Thanks. Will try this. Actually the problem is that, I have driver and sample code for both C++ and VisualBasic. C++ version (originally was in VC6 converted to VC++.NET 2008) works perfectly while visual basic version (VB6 converted into VB.NET and again converted into VC#.NET) does not work as expected. So I was tempted to create a C++ Wrapper which will be called from C#, Again. I will try your solution. –  max Dec 27 '09 at 13:35

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