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I am running a very simple test:

public class BenchmarkAuto extends UiAutomatorTestCase {
    public void testDemo() throws UiObjectNotFoundException {  

When I run it on an emulator it runs fine. When I run it on my Nexus 4 I get the following error (and my devices restarts):

    at org.zeroxlab.zeroxbenchmark.test.BenchmarkAuto.testDemo(

I looked at the UIDevice source code and it looks like this is the culprit:

Display display = getAutomatorBridge().getDefaultDisplay();

The display is null and causes the NullPointerException two lines later.

Anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

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The problem was that I had "Pointer Location" turned on in Developer options. Turned it off and it works just fine. Hopefully someone else had the same issue and this helps them :)

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do you have any idea, why "pointer location" causes this crash ? – Rilwan Oct 30 '13 at 3:19
no idea. But I don't see why you'd need to have pointer location on when running uiautomator. – Nir Hauser Nov 25 '13 at 21:10

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