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Relatively new to Azure/2012 but am struggling to understand what is going on here

I know Azure uses a random port for Remote Desktop in the endpoints and points it to the standard 3389 internally

I have setup Remote Desktop Services on the 2012 server and opened ports 80 and 443

I can access https:///rdweb but when I try to open a Remote App it initiates an RDC that tries to connect but fails - as far as I can tell this is because it is trying to connect on the standard 3389 port

(proven this by changing the external port in the endpoints of Azure to 3389 instead of the random port number created during virtual machine creation and remote apps connect no problem)

I have hunted around for anywhere it is possible to set RDS (gateway/connection broker etc) to use a different port number when connecting to remote apps but have drawn a blank

Can anyone either point me in the right direction how to properly set this up or should I just stick to using 3389 throughout and be done with it..?

Many thanks!

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