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I am trying to use the Caliburn.Micro framework. However the first page of the documentation refers to a class that doesn't exist anywhere, called Bootstrapper.

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Unlike other versions of Caliburn Micro the WinRT version doesn't use a Bootstrapper, the non ranty reason for this is that Windows.UI.Xaml.Application exposes most of it's functionality through method overrides and not events. Therefore it makes sense to have a custom Application rather than forcing the developer to wire the application to the bootstrapper.

This quote is taken from the documentation on Working with WinRT from the official wiki documentation.

You can look at the complete list of documentation wikis at the official site at Codeplex.

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This is an issue with the WinRT version of Caliburn.Micro where there is no bootstrapper type.

I found this WinRT-specific tutorial that covers things:

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