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Can I simulate an sdcard presence in the android emulator?

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This is covered in the Emulator Documentation.

The emulated SD Card image is single file which the Emulator reads to and writes from.

You can specify to create an SD Card when you create the Android Virtual Device (AVD) using the android GUI (for example from within Eclipse by clicking the alt text button):

Or you can create an SD Card using the mksdcard command.

To use an SD Card image when you start your emulator pass the -sdcard option to the emulator command:

emulator -sdcard c:/path/to/my/sdcard

If you're using the android GUI to start your Emulators you need to have specified the SD Card when you created your AVD.

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The Android Eclipse Plugin (ADT) has a graphical interface that will assist you with the creation of emulator images with SD cards. I believe it is called DDMS.

You can find the plugin here:


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Yes, you simulate the presence of an SD card by using a disk image file. There are more details in the emulator documentation.

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