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I need show the date of event for all events in my timelinejs. So, how it works: when I have data about two or more years, the granularity of these events is computed per year.

If I inform data of one day, in the events line are showed events per hour.

If I inform data of one month, are showed events per day.

If I inform data of one year, are showed events per month.

IF I inform data of two or more years, are showed events per year...

So, I wanna show day and month for all events, independently if data are one, two or more years.

In the page plugin they says:

The display of the timeline is dynamic. It chooses a time interval that best matches the number of events there are with the amount of time that is covered.

Will be that there are any solution for this?

Thank so much

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ya it's right. The display of the timeline is dynamic. –  vinod_vh Nov 16 '13 at 10:15

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