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I am a software programmer having more than 2 years of professional experience in PHP/MySQL. But now i want to quit this job and want to do the functional module of SAP. Someone just told me that i cant do that because just doing a mere course wont let me anywhere unless and until i have experience in that field.

I am told that even after doing SAP-ABAP all I'll have to do is coding and all. Please guide me in this that what should i do?? Should i go for functional module or should i stay with SAP-ABAP ??

P.S. Please give your answers considering this thing in mind that i want to quit programming and want to do SAP-HR

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A question on how to quit programming and go do something else is certainly not about programming. –  David Thornley Dec 23 '09 at 17:05

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I'm SAP architect for several years and I've seen many people who wanted to do the same, just take a course and then they wanted to act as a functional consultant for SAP modules. From my point of view, this doesn't make sense at all. You will never have the same experience like people who studied economics and after that they took a HR module course. In our current economic situation I doubt that there will be a feasible chance to enter the consulting business without the proper background and just a SAP course. The courses are usually very sketchy.

Same is with people who just take a ABAP programming course and didn't study computer science at all. Do you think they'll ever be succesfull? There are plenty of people outside who are experienced. If you really want to change the way, you should try to get a trainee employment, to learn things from ground up. Apart from that, my experience is, that good functional consultants also have learned to do some sort of ABAP development. Therefore it's really better to do ABAP development, stick to enhancements in a functional module you want to work in, so that you get more and more experience. But this process might take up several years.

Apart from that, if you're looking for something in the functional area of SAP, better choose a module which is not that common yet or one which is more technical related, e.g. BI or something new like SCM or SRM. Maybe the process infrastructure (PI) is also an interesting topic, it's more about designing interfaces and communicating than doing coding stuff. I think you should really check, whether module consulting is also really interesting for you, a lot of people complain, that the typical daily job, generating test data, testing reports, writing specification is not really interesting at all if you do it all day long. Apart from that, there is sure several kind of customizing involved. Better check first, if this is really interesting for you. I would not really like doing this kind of "consulting" business everyday.

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Thanks for your suggestion Matthias :-) Well someone today suggested me after seeing my resume that i should go for SAP's Materials Mgt Module or Sales & Distribution Module.What exactly are they and should i go for these?? I would also like to know your advice that for which module i should really go?? I'll be highly obliged if you can help me in this regard.Thanks again! –  developer Dec 24 '09 at 5:40
Well, it's difficult from far away to judge what's the best for your decision. As stated above, from a market perspective, I would rather focus on the new SAP things than on the old ones. MM and SD module are classic SAP modules, which exist for years and there are plenty of experienced people on the block, who are difficult to compete with. Maybe also SAP basis is something with might be interesting for you - you know coding but you don't have to. Basis people who are also experienced with development are hard to find and are very valueable. –  Matthias Kneissl Dec 24 '09 at 11:58
Better is, to check in which business area did you work so far, where did you develop your current progammes, was it Sales Distribution and Material management or something different? I would focus on new SAP technologies or even try to switch to something like ERP integration, which will also be an important topic for the next years. I mean the big MM and SD projects are gone, there is hardly any company introducing MM or SD so there are hardly new projects - except some upgrade issues. –  Matthias Kneissl Dec 24 '09 at 12:00
The MM and SD modules primarly focus on material management and sales distribution, apart from Financial Information and Controlling (FI/CO) those are the core SAP basic modules. Just take a look in the SAP documentation whether this is interesting for you. You can find the relevant open documentation here: help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_04_sp/helpdata/en/8c/… and here: help.sap.com/erp2005_ehp_04_sp/helpdata/en/9c/… –  Matthias Kneissl Dec 24 '09 at 12:11
Got your point will go through a detailed search for what iam interested in and will also have a look at SAP Basis as you've said.Just wanted to ask a thing that can i please contact you again if i need some help?? Iam already feeling obliged by your responses.Thanks a lot!! –  developer Dec 24 '09 at 12:35

You can't just take a course or two in one domain covered by SAP (say, Payroll in HR), and expect to be a consultant in that domain. I agree with the fact that you have to possess some knowledge of the domain beforehand. SAP courses only show how a given concept (say, wagetype for our example in payroll) is managed by the ERP, and how you can customize it. Not what this concept is, nor how it is used in companies (independently from SAP).

Also in SAP, HR is divided in a set of more specific field : Personnel Administration, Payroll, Time Management, Organizational Management, Competencies management... each with its own particularities, and adapted to customer's use differently.

If you possess (even part of) some of these knowledge, then you could get a job in a consulting company. However, this would probably be as a 'junior' consultant, 'standard' status being given after a few years (depending on company).

As for the ABAP way, technical consultants (ie ABAP developer) tend to get a functional background quite quickly in the domain they develop for, and it is not uncommon to to able to change from technical to functional after two or three years. Please note that while ABAP is used in all SAP module, specific domain possess their own specificities to access the data. learning these specificities is what takes the longest time, not learning ABAP. Payroll and Time management possess clusters (compressed data to hold the values for the calculated payrolls), personnel administration possess Infotype (specific data structure to hold personnel and administrative datas)... You can't just access the values in tables (if you can access the tables)

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hi PARTY, i have same question, I am web-developer with 2 year experience, so which module should i learn? –  Pragnesh Chauhan Feb 21 '13 at 10:41
I'm not sure i can answer your question : outside of HR, i know only a little bit of FI (the part that connect to HR). I know that HR is something that is asked (think employee/ manager self service), as a way to lower work for HR, but i don't know for others area. Maintenance or inventories should be something useful with tablets, but this is a personnal impression more than knowledge. –  PATRY Feb 21 '13 at 16:19

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