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I am in search of some ASP.NET script by which I can get the Google PageRank of any URL that I provide to it, can anyone guide me in this perspective?

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Ummmm, did you try Google? I mean the search engine... –  ppeterka Oct 3 '13 at 11:44

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See following:

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Actually it is returning different ranks against different IPs but i need the page rank that we see mostly in the google toolbar. –  Mohammad Tanveer Dec 23 '09 at 12:22

You can download free script from this link

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Actually one drawback of this componenet is that it is a simple button which shows the pagerank of the page in which we insert its code secondly it shows banner of that website. I require some API like thing to which i supply any url and it return me the pagerank of that particular url. –  Mohammad Tanveer Dec 23 '09 at 12:50
Dear Tanveer, try this own –  Pankaj Dec 23 '09 at 13:11

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