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In Matlab, when I want to run a function through the debugger, I can type dbstop func, which puts a breakpoint at the first code line in func.m. Then, when I call func(...), I can proceed through the function step by step.

Is there any equivalent for methods? If I want to debug into an interactive call of obj.meth(), none of these alternatives work:

  • dbstep in only works if the code to be stepped into is part of the function I'm debugging, not if I'm calling it interactively
  • dbstop obj.mymeth, dbstop MyClass/mymeth, or dbstop MyClass.mymeth fail with Cannot find function MyClass.mymeth.
  • So, perhaps it's treated like a subfunction. However, dbstop in MyClass at mymeth fails with Cannot find function "mymeth" within "MyClass". This one actually surprises me most. Note that even if it would work, I would still need to find out the defining class first.
  • dbstop mymeth actually does set a breakpoint, but it sets it at line 1 of MyClass, rather than at the beginning of MyClass.mymeth. I have not tested what happens if mymeth is overloaded.
  • Next, I tried it through the metaclass and metamethod: ms = ?MyClass; meth = ms.MethodList(strcmp({ms.MethodList.Name}, 'mymeth')) , gives me an meta.method object to my method. However, dbstop wants a string, so I can't put a breakpoint. And although the meta.method does tell me the defining class, it does not tell me the line number where the method is defined, so I can't set a breakpoint like this either.

Then, all that is left is to determine the defining class from the meta.method, open the corresponding file in the graphical interactive editor, search for the line defining the method, and put a breakpoint by hand. This is time-consuming and only works when working graphicaly.

Is there any way to step into an interactively called method, or to programmatically set a breakpoint at the beginning of a method? I'm using 2013a.

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The second and third bullet points got really close. I got it to work with minor modification as in my updated answer. Hope that works for you too. –  chappjc Oct 22 '13 at 17:29

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The following syntax worked for a simple test on my computer:

dbstop in MyClass.m at MyClass.mymeth
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