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I want to create a simple endpoint where I can receive some string and then parse and create a message for the nservicebus. I already tried asp.net webapi, nancy and owin.

In asp.net web.api on my RegisterServices method from ninject I configured nservicebus with this


I can send one message from my controller when the server starts, but when I try to send another one it throws this exception:

Error loading Ninject component ICache
No such component has been registered in the kernel's component container.`

With nancy or owin I implement the interface IWantToRunWhenBusStartsAndStops and in the Start method I create a self hosted instance of nancy or owin. It´s run smoothly and i can access from my browser the endpoints. The problem is to inject the IBus property in nancy module or owin startup class, the IBus property is always null

Any thoughts?


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Have you defined the InjectAttribute on the IBus property? –  Daniel Marbach Oct 22 '13 at 21:43
No, I'll try this. Another doubt, the nservicebus looks for classes that implements some know interfaces to do the injection? –  Marcio Toshio Oct 22 '13 at 22:45

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