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I have static NSString as below:

static NSString *bowlerName;

In the code I am assigning it with some value as below:

  Player *objPlayer =  [CricketManagementDAL getBowlerSpecification :playerId];
  [objPlayer retain];
  bowlerSpecialSkill = objPlayer.specialSkill;
  bowlerType = objPlayer.type;
  bowlerName = objPlayer.playerName; // <------------
  [objPlayer release];

Now, if I am referring to the same variable bowlerName in code anywhere else, I get the error:

Variable is not a CFString.

Please help me.

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It is an NSString but you are using it elsewhere in a context that expects a CFString, you can simply cast as follows

CFStringRef aCFString = (CFStringRef)aNSString;
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I don't understand I have the same problem, but I'm using it in a context that expects NSStrings... –  Rigo Vides Jul 6 '10 at 17:14

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