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We're looking for free/cheap or open source UML tools. What tools have you used ? It's OK if there are 2 tools, one each for Flow charts and UML.

If a UML tool or Flow Chart tool is cheap(we're a NON-PROFIT), and no open source is good enough, we're open to look at them.

Thanks and BR,

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Dupe of… among many others. – anon Dec 23 '09 at 13:20

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Simple and easy to use: JudeUML. There is a free Community Edition.

This software is now released as astah community.

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It's online, but I think yUML is the best free tool I've used. I've used Violet for University work but found it clunky and crash-prone.

yUml only supports class diagrams, activity diagrams and use case diagrams though. Here's an example of its output:


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Neat! Not industrial strength, but perfect for the few small UML-like diagrams I sometimes need to make. Yay for S.O. and time for idle browsing, otherwise I'd never know about this. – DarenW Mar 23 '10 at 2:57
yUML is great. Take a look at GenMyModel , same kind of online tool but with code generation. – tomhelper Aug 28 '13 at 9:56

StarUML is also a nice one

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I like StarUML it's pretty nippy and produces pleasing diagrams. It's a shame that the open source project is somewhat dead due to Delphi falling out of fashion. – pjp Dec 23 '09 at 13:07

I use UMLet

Free, AND open source.

Why i like it : all the diagram have a "sourcecode", for exemple a class is "coded" like that.

{Some Properties}
-id: Long
-ClassAttribute: Long_
#Operation(i: int): int
-- Resp1
-- Resp2

It's handy, and avoid heachache with graphical editor.

Edit : Thanks eric for the precision

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Actually UMLet is opensource: "Where is the source code? The source code is in the UMLet zip-file. (There is no makefile, no project file, and no ant-script.)" It's a good tool for simple diagrams. – Eric Bréchemier Dec 23 '09 at 13:57

There is for example DIA. Also, Visual Paradigm is a commercial UML editor that has a free community edition.

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Visual Paradigm is pretty dern cool. (And I am using the Community Edition). Thanks Konamimian. One Up Vote. – granadaCoder Aug 9 '12 at 14:28

Have a look at Dia

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VioletUML for UML diagrams.

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To create flowcharts online, I use gliffy

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Topcased is integrated to Eclipse and is able to generate code.

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ArgoUML could also be an option or, maybe even better, one of the free modeling tools available for the Eclipse enviroment. See: for pointers to Eclipse and fre/open-source tools

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For BPMN/Workflow I m using Bizagi Process Modeler.

For UML i m using Enterprise architect but it is not free but the priceis ok if you look what you get. Poseidon UML is ok but suffers when you have a lot of diagrams.

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I've used BOUML before. It is useful for generating Java code from UML class diagrams, if you're into that sort of thing.

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For sketching up sequence diagrams this site is excellent:

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Additional web tools for this task are Diagramly, Cacoo and Creately.

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I have tried a few, but hands down winner for me is Topcased. You can get it at

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