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I am trying to prevent users from shutting down the computer in certain situations. I am displaying a confirm message to do that. This is how my script looks like:

$sysevent = [microsoft.win32.systemevents]

Register-ObjectEvent -InputObject $sysevent -EventName "SessionEnding" -Action $OnShutdown -SourceIdentifier "ExecuteOnShutdown"

$OnShutdown = 

    Write-Host  -ForeGround Green $event.SourceEventArgs.Reason

    $OUTPUT= [System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox]::Show("Do you really want to shutdown the computer?." , "confirm" , 4)

    Write-Host  $OUTPUT


This works fine but i dont know how do i suspend the shutdown command till user clicks "yes" or "no". Is there a way to prevent the system shutdown and wait for the user to click "yes" or "no" and then shutdown the server based on the answer?

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In your event handler scriptblock there are a number of automatic variables defined one of which is $EventArgs. In this case there will be a Cancel property on this object you can set to $true but the docs warn:

When set to true, this property requests that the session continue to run. It provides no guarantee that the session will not end.

There is also another variable defined in this context - $Sender. Execute man about_automatic_variables for more info.

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Consider deploying your script via group policy or a local policy shutdown / logoff script which should prevent shutdown until your condition is met. You might need to wrap your messagebox call in conditional sleep loop (which is what I did for something similar in VBScript years ago!), maybe not.

If you choose to use this method, you may also want to include a preferred default selection for your messagebox (perhaps after a specified timeout period has elapsed?); a user may not hang around to see your mesaagebox as it will be drawn after the interactive desktop has unloaded.

Here's a link to a Technet article about how to Use Startup, Shutdown, Logon, and Logoff Scripts.

I'm not sure if this answers your question as this won't prevent the shutdown, it just stops it until your condition is met.

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