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I am currently trying to edit my db named boh. The current table "files" has a field called "path". Inside the path field is an actualpath to files listed in a folder, syntax "F:\xxx\xxx\xxx\filename.xxx". How do I update the field information to replace the "F:\xxx\xxx\xxx" so that just the file name exists?

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It depends what you exactly want, if you want to strip constant path you can use:

UPDATE `table` SET `path` = REPLACE(`path`, 'F:\\xxx\\xxx\\xxx', '');

If you want to keep only last part after last \, then following command should do it:

UPDATE `table` SET `path` = SUBSTRING_INDEX(`path`. '\\', -1);
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thanks for the advice, I was attempting it improperly as I didn't use the "\\" when removing the directory path. Props to you! –  user237563 Dec 26 '09 at 9:41
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UPDATE files
SET path = REPLACE(path, 'F:\xxx\xxx\xxx\', '')
WHERE path LIKE = 'F:\xxx\xxx\xxx\%'

It's very easy to ruin your data with this massive updates so make sure you:

  • Try it first with a SELECT sentence
  • Backup your data
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Assuming 'F:\xxx\xxx\xxx\' is not constant you could try a statement like this one:

UPDATE files SET path = REVERSE(SUBSTR(REVERSE(path), 1, LOCATE(REVERSE(path), '\')));
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