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I'm trying out django-taggit and really enjoying it. One thing that I can't figure out tho, is how to change the default comma-separated tag input into the django default many-to-many field with the filter_horizontal option (or even checkboxes). It would make more sense to what I want to do as I only want admins to be able to create tags, with content producers just choosing from the available ones
Found a similar question here
Using Check boxes in Taggit
But I can't make sense of what has to be plugged where to make it happen

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Don't have the time to try to understand how taggit really works in order to to what I need, so I came up with a quick workaround - created a method inside the model that retrieves all available tags and displays them in the help text for the tags field.

tags = TaggableManager(blank=True, help_text = tag_helptext())    
def tag_helptext():
    help_text = "Options: "
    for t in Tag.objects.all():
        help_text += t.name + " ||| "
    return help_text

Then in the admin I removed priviledges to create new tags to everyone but the superuser.
Feels kinda hackish, but provides what I needed (to make it easy for users to use existing tags and avoid them creating new ones)

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