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I'm trying to develop (re-write) as small chess engine (2 players on tablet, or remote gaming)

since properties and bahaviour appear gradually on the system when growing the nubzer of types available : i m making some intermediate modules between

  • basic ones : camps, algebraic-references, windrose

  • intermediate : chessmen, board, tiles

  • global ones : the game

I"m using require.js to define my modules, I have a lot of objects cross references, so I m building a pool (transaction manager) to hold relationship across the dependencies graph.

the problem comes when trying to get the prototype of one object outside of the module it was defined, like this :

// file: js/app/chess/board.js
define("chess/algebr", function(algebr) {
    var Board = function(id) { = id;

    // other stuff ...

    return {
        create : function() { return new Board(); }

// file js/app/colorchess.js
define("core/pool", "chess/board", "chess/tile", function(pool, board, tile) {
    // some other stuff...

    var board = board.create();

    console.log(board.prototype); // --> undefined


So, what's wrong ? Where board's prototype has gone ? Is it a story of scoping between modules ?


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var board = board.create(); why are you redelcaring it? – epascarello Oct 22 '13 at 18:03
var board : the variable itself, board.create the module, better if called "boards" since it's a (collection) type definition ! (mistake #2) – Hefeust CORTES Oct 24 '13 at 0:33

This has nothing to do with require.js.

prototype is just a property you are mistakingly trying to access, confusing it with prototype setter:

var Board = function(id) { = id;

Board.prototype.test = function () {return 42;}

console.log( (new Board()).prototype );

Compare with:

console.log( (new Board()).__proto__ ); // works in fresh browsers like Chrome 30, IE11

in this you will see the reference to internal prototype

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effectively I'd mistaken... by doing obj.constructor.prototype.propXYZ I can access the internal prototype (since proto is not really cross browser) ! Thanks for help. – Hefeust CORTES Oct 23 '13 at 8:39

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