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Monday, Oct 22 8 PM

  • I started typing a note in my Android phone Evernote application.

  • I then moved to edit it in the Web version on my Macbook Pro in Chrome. I expanded the note substantially.

  • While typing, I noticed the "auto-save" feature constantly reassuring me that my data was saved.

  • The next morning, all the work I did on the web version, on my laptop, was not there.

Possible explanations

  1. I must have kept the Android note version open. After shutting down my laptop, the Android version synced to my account and overrode the changes I made on the web version.

  2. The NSA liked what I wrote and stole it to enrich themselves in anticipation of reduced funding.


  • I was a basic member and thus could not View History under Info.

  • I upgraded to Premium membership to view my history.

  • There are only two versions available in the History. Both are from around 10:22 am on Tuesday, the day after I created the note. Both do not have the additional web version edits that I made last night.


  1. If the data was constantly auto-saving, why can I not view those previously-saved versions?

  2. Why didn't the sync that overrode my edits on the Web version from my laptop show up in history? It's as if those "saved" versions I created in the web Evernote were not saved at all.

  3. What type of servers does Evernote have? Is this auto-save information somehow recoverable?

Please note that I did submit a ticket with Evernote and they are currently investigating it. However, my initial conversation with customer service was not very optimistic about finding my data. They said that once a previous version of the note is overridden by a sync from a different version of the same note on another device, then all that information is irrecoverable. How can this be? What is the point of the auto-save and the history if that data is lost anyways?

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Have you tried reaching out to Evernote support? They even have a live chat option.

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Yes, as noted in the last paragraph, I have. They are investigating it now, but they were pessimistic about recovering the data. I wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar issue, and/or knows a possible solution. Or works for Evernote and can say "yes! your data is recoverable here..." – Benjamin Dunphy Oct 22 '13 at 18:21

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