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I am looking at a tutorial and I am not sure what the line of code means:

self.objectsToShare = @[URL];

URL is an NSURL, and self.objectsToShare is an NSArray.

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It is a shorthand syntax for array creation.

Instead of:

[NSArray arrayWithObjects:&URL count:1];

More information here:

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@Leo Natan THank you! – Alan Oct 22 '13 at 19:08

It mean you are assigning to object an array Like below:-

NSArray*arr=[[NSArray alloc]initWithObject:URL];

Samething you can write like this as well:-


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Create an array with one object: URL.

You can create arrays and dictionaries using the @ symbol in objective c as follows:

NSDictionary *dict = @{
 @"string key":@"string value",

NSArray *arr = @[(id)objectValue,@"string value"];
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