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Before coming to the problem let me explain what I did that has landed me in the problem.

  1. I created an account on github and made a repository named Android.
  2. Then I installed github client in my windows 7.
  3. Then I opened this client, provided my authentication and cloned the repository to a local directory C:\Users\Aniket\Documents\GitHub\Android(This folder has the .git folder in it).
  4. Then I went to my Eclipse ADT and installed EGit plugin as described here. Also I
  5. Then in Eclipse I right click on my project TicTacToe go to Team->Share Project and provide my repository path i.e C:\Users\Aniket\Documents\GitHub\Android.
  6. My Project was added to the local repository and in my github client it shows me all option to commit file in the actual repository on the github site.
  7. But my project is suddenly showing error with a red '!' sign on it.

    Description --> Archive for required library: 'C:/Users/Aniket/AndroidWorkspace/TicTacToe /libs/android-support-v4.jar' in project 'TicTacToe' cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file

    Resource --> TicTacToe

    Path Location --> Build path

    Type --> Build Path Problem

Note : the Error was a single line displayed in error console on Eclipse. I just split it up for readability.

Even after detaching repository it shows that error.

Has anyone encountered this scenario before. What is the solution or workaround? I googled and first few links suggest it is an Eclipse bug. Please suggest what can be done to bring my project back to executable state?

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In my case, the problem was that the library did not have the appropriate permissions, and Eclipse couldn't read it. – crico_aven Jan 20 at 10:30

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It can be Eclipse bug. I have faced the similar problem several times. closing and reopening the project works sometime. if it doesn't work try restarting Eclipse.

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Yeah I researched it a bit and yes it an Eclipse bug. Restarting Eclipse worked for me. Tx! – Aniket Thakur Nov 22 '13 at 6:52
@AniketThakur, please provide a link or two. – Basilevs Nov 18 '14 at 12:33
@Basilevs For starters take a looks at – Aniket Thakur Nov 18 '14 at 14:26
Can confirm this - did a clean and build and it worked – Magic-Mouse Mar 24 at 21:54

There is other case to display error Archive for required library

Right click on project and open --> project project properties --> java build path --> Android private libs

if there are two jar files with same name then remove one from libs.

jar file may the hidden some times then open you libs folder in window and check if any hidden files are exist Organize --> folders and search options --> view --> check show hidden files and Delete the hidden jar file , The same cass delete if hidden java fies exist in src and packages if any

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this was the cause of my problem. The mac I was working on before has created hidden files of each and every file in the project. Thank you. – Mohamed Haseel Mar 25 '14 at 10:52
this pointed me in the right direction for a similar problem. Thanks! – Dave Apr 14 '14 at 22:07

I've seen the same issue. I removed that jar file, and then rightclick on the project, select maven, and do "update project...". The jar was downloaded again, and the problem was gone.

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After a lot of tries, found an answer that worked. Thank you! – falsarella May 21 '15 at 20:35

In my case, i'd downloaded project from internet, after unzipping project some files had been blocked, just unblock files and try again, then problem was solved.

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In my case I tried all the tips suggested but the error remained. I solved changing version with a more recent one and writing that in the pom.xml. After this everything is now ok.

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In my case restarting Eclipse did not solve the problem. I restarted the computer and did a Project -> Clean in eclipse

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I found no duplicates anywhere and tried restarting eclipse, rebuild project. I was getting error for only one libary. So I just tried to rename the jar file from ksoap2-android-assembly-2.5.8-jar-with-dependencies.jar to ksoap2-2.5.8.jar

So if none of the problems solves from above you can also try this one

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A solution that worked for me: go to *.classpath and delete the line : <classpathentry kind="lib" path=""/>

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Looks like everyone has different story to tell! For me, I had to delete the error from eclipse Markers tab, and then cleaned the project again. Before that, I closed and re-opened the project/eclipse several times as suggested by @rachit, which did not work for me.

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Could be due to corrupted jar files as well. Better to check that first as that was the reason in my case:

 jar tf myjar.jar

should list the content inside.

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In my case, the java installation was not proper. So, I uninstalled Java and reinstalled a new version. Now, it works.

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