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I've recently switched from using Outlook.com for my business emails to Gmail for Business.

Does anyone know how I can migrate my old emails in Outlook.com to Gmail? I can't find any import or export functions on either site.

There is mention of using TrueSwitch, but that has been deactivated. Note: I need to migrate from Outlook.COM, not the desktop Outlook. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks!

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would be more suitable on WebApps –  Grant Palin Mar 4 '14 at 6:19

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You can do this if you own a computer: connect both accounts to your favorite e-mail client (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) via IMAP, and move or copy the folders from one account to the other. You'll also need a decent connection if you have a lot of data (your e-mail client downloads the old mailbox's contents to your computer and uploads it back to the new one).

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Dang - I need a 50 rep to comment, but tricasse's answer is the way to go. If this helps anyone, please vote!

1) install thunderbird, like the man says.

2) edit > account settings

3) Bottom left account actions > add mail account

4) here's the kicker - leave configuration as IMAP ( remote folders)

5) repeat for your second account.

6) Voila - both accounts AND folders appear in thunderbird

7) In thunderbird, highlight the folders you want to copy

8) drag them to your other account.

9) have a cuppa while the emails/folders all copy over.

note: it took a while for all my emails to be seen in all folders by thunderbird...

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Don't use answers as an alternative to comments. 13 rep is not hard to earn to be able to comment. Suggest you either make this a comment, or edit it and turn it into an actual answer - you seem to be adding some additional info in a guide-like way. –  James Dec 23 '14 at 3:12

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