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I was curious how others did code reviews on ipython notebooks. Commenting on the raw json seems difficult and making comments directly on the notebook seems like it could potentially be messy.

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We usually link to a version on nbviewer (pure code is still great on pure code file), and you really get use to comment on json file. Like those are just discussion right ?

We are in discusson with http://hypothes.is/ to add a way to comment on nbviewer though.

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Thanks. Unfortunately nbviewer is public, which means it can't be used for reviewing internal notebooks. Either way, hopefully the discussions go well. – jobevers Oct 24 '13 at 5:31
happily nbviewer can be deployed in an intranet... – Matt Oct 24 '13 at 15:27
oh, cool. Thanks. I must have missed that when I looked at nbviewer a while back. – jobevers Nov 12 '13 at 4:47
We are missing instruction on how to do it, but i know some propre did. We are working in making it simpler. – Matt Nov 12 '13 at 8:16

If it's a proper code review, I would dump the python code out to a .py file.

Download as Python

Then just use your standard tools to do code review.

If you want to do review of the JSON file, it takes a bit more parsing to make sense of it and input has newline delimiters ('\n'):

     "cell_type": "code",
     "collapsed": false,
     "input": "from PIL import Image\nimport numpy as np\"\n\ncol = Image.open(\"cat-tied-icon.png\")\ngry = col.convert('L')\ngrarray = np.asarray(gry).copy()\ngrarray[grarray < 128] = 0    # Black\ngrarray[grarray >= 128] = 255 # White\n\nbw = grarray\nimfile = Image.fromarray(bw)\nimfile.save(\"result_bw.png\")",
     "language": "python",
     "metadata": {},
     "outputs": [],
     "prompt_number": 17

It would be nice if there was a tool to do review (beyond code review, also for authorship). Hopefully integration with hypothes.is like Matthias suggested works out well.

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