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I have observed some erratic behavior in the android file system. The logcat utility reads its data from the following 4 buffers :


Let's take an example of the radio buffer for which User = radio Group = log

Now suppose I attempt to read this file as the radio user, or I have my group set as log.... In which case I will be able to read all the data successfully.

But suppose I change my current uid to 'shell' in a manner that I don't belong to group log...

What I observe is that I am still able to read the file successfully... But I am only able to read those entries which have been written by some other process which runs in the context of shell and does not belong to group log.

I understand that if I got have read or write permissions on a file ... If I attempt to access that file I will get a file permission error. But that is not the case here... looking for some explanation regarding this scenario

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Log files have rw permissions for all users, but magic happens because they are no regular files. Log files are device files.

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